the tin man

Building his character through a journey of life experiences, the little tin man takes on a life of his own. With a unique narrative in settings of Adam’s own creation, the tin man paintings display an intriguing insight into the subconscious.

This collection is often thought to be inspired by Nolan’s Kelly series, but this is far from the case. Rather than drawing on a famous story of an icon, the tin man was purposely chosen as a generic figure to build an original story around. The tin man will always rust but remain impervious to what life throws his way.

tin man portrait, 2003
584 x 584mm acrylic on canvas. sold.

tin man still life, 2000
1525 x 1835mm acrylic on canvas.

blue skies ahead, 2003
610 x 400mm acrylic on canvas.

the hunter, 2003
610 x 400mm acrylic on canvas. framed. sold.

crows at his back, 2003
610 x 400mm acrylic on canvas. sold.

hunting on a sunny afternoon, 2003
610 x 400mm acrylic on canvas. sold.

well met, 2004
760 x 560mm. mixed media on paper. framed. sold.

running from shadows, 2005
600 x 850mm acrylic on canvas. framed. sold.

past knee deep, 2007
600 x 850mm mixed media on canvas. framed. sold.

the innocent bystander, 2005
890 x 420mm. acrylic on canvas. framed.

fighting the good fight, 2004
850 x 600mm. acrylic on canvas. painted with josh fartch. sold.

i'll meet you in the middle

the Inception, realisation
and resonance

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on the drawing board.
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