“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom

This famous quote is often attributed to Socrates.

The installation/sculptural work, ‘sideshow’ focuses Cusack’s interest in society’s prevailing hunger for celebrity ~ and the images which feed a seemingly insatiable audience. Countless media and news companies procure photographic imagery which is published for profit without consent. What does this mean to the subject’s personal freedom? And what are the implications for a society that participate in such an exchange?
Conversely, an interesting philosophical exercise would be for the audience to flip it’s focus of attention back on itself. Let the ‘sideshow’ begin.

sideshow 2018 hydrostone, steel, wire and stainless steel sculptural installation 10 x 2.5m approx
solo exhibition – the stockroom kyneton victoria

archival photo credit Matthew Stanton

archival photo credit Jude Reynolds