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Four very different but equally dynamic artists are showing their works at Newstead art gallery Doggett Street Studio.

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Mark Dutney is a medical practitioner whose kite-shaped paintings and constructions are portraits of the people and the “types of people” he knows.

Brisbane-based artist Phillipa Smith holds her own with a series of haunting, uneasy acrylic-on-canvas paintings, under the title Permutations.

Adam Cusack’s exhibition, Thought Paroxysms, is just that — explosions of thought, conveyed with a keen awareness of colour, depth and intrigue.

And, finally, Melbourne-based artist Tracey Shepherd’s works, such as Girl With Broken Bird, provide an unsettling insight into a career spanning more than 20 years.

Doggett Street Studio, having expanded since it opened in 1993 to a gallery that can hold four exhibitions at one time, is now one of Brisbane’s biggest art spaces. As well as benefiting the artists, the bigger space deepens the art experience for the visitor, whose thoughts and emotions are taken to four different places in one gallery visit.

the Inception, realisation
and resonance

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